Should I upgrade my power supply for reliability?

It was mentioned to me awhile ago that my PSU wasn't the best and I should maybe upgrade it for the sake and health of my system. This is my current PSU -

Looking into this one -

First of all, is it important to upgrade? Is this PSU fine, great, or oh my God replace that!

One of my main things I'm also looking into with an upgrade is that the ambient temperature in the room is relatively high and reduces the amount I can overclock, would getting a PSU that is ~10% higher efficiency (>80 on current to 90%) allow me CPU to run cooler? Currently with an AMD Phenom II X4 955 overclocked from 3.2 to 3.6 I get about 39c idle and 48c under average load (higher if played Crysis 3 or similar games for extended periods but 48c is average for most gaming for me). Also, in addition to higher efficiency would I potentially get better temps due to better cable management as the new PSU being modular.

Here is my current specs
Mobo -
CPU cooler -
Case -
Drives -
Hdd -
Also a 128gb Corsair Sata 6.0 SSD that I currently do not have the link to

Also, I play on upgrading my CPU/Mobo around Christmas time, would this be able to run that? I know it's Compatible with Core i7, i5 but that was awhile ago before 4th CPU's were released

Thanks for looking!!
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  1. No. Your PSU is not a reputed brand, but has good review and since it works fine why change it? It is a decent PSU. Its not worth shelling out money for a new one. A new PSU will not make your CPU cooler either. A modular PSU is nice, but not worth replacing a good, working PSU for. Your temps are very good too, there's nothing to worry about on that front.
  2. The things to look out for over time are drops in cpu scores while running 3dmark benchmarks (run it, take a note of your CPU score and check it every 6 months) and hanging whilst loading windows or freezing in games. If the pc does any of these things you need to check it out by borrowing another psu.
    Dont spend money yet.
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    Its a tier 3 unit

    Tier 3 Brands - Power supplies fully able to meet ATX specs, although closer to the edges of the limits than higher tier units. Still solid units.

    U dont need a change as it will power ur system comfortably as it will not be reaching loads which is the point where main problem arises in lower qaulity units

    Ur sys needs only 550w and 31amperes at normal and o.c. Wud be 600 and 35amps
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