No Bootable Device Won't boot CD

Hows it going guys, Well a few weeks ago a friend has a "all in one" PC. Well the hard drive said it was failing so i had that person order a new hard drive it's the same one.

Easy install you would figure install it , install windows 7 and it's done.

Well it's not detecting no "CD's" I'm really confused.

I checked the BIO's I also tested the new hard drive on my pc it works fine.

I scanned the PC it said "bio hd 3 no bootable device detected error" or something like that.

Is the optical drive bad on that pc? I thought it could have been a driver issue? So i installed the "old" hard drive to see if i could get any CD to boot up and it just sits at the _ blinking when i command it to boot from CD.

Any info would be awesome, I really don't know what to tell the person i have tried everything i could think of.

Its a HP Touch 300 all in one.

Things i have done

I disconnected the CD drive and reconnected it made sure it was connected good.

Put the old hard drive back in thinking maybe it's a drive error or the Bio's isn't detecting?

Not sure if i should tell this person to order a new optical drive for the pc or not. I can't test the optical drive on the all in one due to the connections are smaller then the normal desktop PC.

I will feel bad if they order a new optical drive and fine out that wasn't the issue.
I have tried over 4 CD's the recovery CD's for that pc, also Upgrade CD's pretty but any CD i could find.

But as i said when i scanned the pc it said everything was fine but the cd driver isn't being detected. I asked if they used the CD drive a ton over the years they said no.

So the pc came in with a failing hard drive, hard drive has been replaced with the same brand name model same 500gb now its not allowing me to install a OS on the system. Also tested other hard drives on the PC they all booted fine. But still no CD is bootable.
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    I have an identical problem to this with an asus board not recognising input devices so will be glad to see an answer. Every tine i try to put windows on (any windows) it just keeps saying insert boot media. I have tried other dvd drives to no avail. Do check its a dvd drive tho, as a cd rom drive cant read a dvd.
  2. Do a quick doh, look at the data and power cabeles to the cd-rom make sure there not unplugged. Make sure hs all in one pc cd rom drive is a DVD drive. I seen older pc that had cd Rom drives and DVD restore cd. In the bios make sure the cd rom s there and the first boot device. On hp and dell cd read will say os disk the other will say driver cd. If system is xp or newer try use Microsoft USB iso tools make a bootable USB stick.
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