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Hello guys

i am curently puzzled by my ssd write speed. I have a kingston kc300, and without installing anything on it, i benchmarked it.
The read speed is above 500 mb/s in all tests but the write speed has never gone above 180 mb/s.
I have ahci enabled in BIOS, my cable is sata 3 and i connected it to a sata 3 port on the mainboard.
So far i tryed to:
-garbage collection
-disable cache on the ssd

My mainboard is a MSI H77MA-G43, i have 12 gb of Kingmax hyper-x ram, my CPU is an Intel i7 3770, operating system Windows 8.1

Also, i tested a diferent SSD, a slower one, on a computer without sata 3 ports on mainboard, and it got the exact same speed as my SSD.

I forgot to add. I moved the ssd from sata 3 port to sata 2 port and my read speed went from 500+ to 250 mb/s, so the sata 3 port and cable isnt at fault.
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  1. Advertised Read/Write speeds for the Kingston KC300 are with ATTO benchmark software. Are you getting the results you mentioned with ATTO?
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