My CPU Liquid cooler dosen't respond to the MB fan setting!! I need help

Dear Cooling Experts,

I have a SABERTOOTH X79 MB with Core i7-3820 CPU, and my CPU fan is: COOLER MASTER Seidon 120XL38mm Radiator Liquid/Water CPU Cooler

the same in this picture below

I have been trying to increase its RPM from my bios setting BUT it do not reflect the setting I made when windows starts!! so I made the CPU fan setting in the bios to run at maximum RPM if my CPU temperature is 30 degree as you see in the picture below

Then I save the bios setting and restart my PC so the changes takes effect, as soon as the PC restarts I can hear the fan is running at maximum speed then before windows loads I enter the bios setup again to check if the RPM changed to maximum, in the bios I can see the RPM increased to maximum (2184 RPM) for the fans and (1416 RPM for the pump) as you see in the picture below

Till now every thing is OK so I save the bios setting and restart the PC again, when restart I can hear the fan still running at maximum speed till the windows logo appear then I can hear the fan went back to slow speed!! after the PC will start I check my CPU utilities for the MB to check the CPU temperature and fan speed and it shows that the CPU is at 35 degree and the fan not running at maximum speed as you see in the picture below

and when I restart the PC again I can hear the fan going to full speed till windows logo appear then slow down again while my CPU degree is 35!!
and if enter the bios setup it will show that the setting still saved and the fan working at maximum!!

Note: this fan has 2 cables one is for the fans and one for the pump, i connect the fan cable to the CPU fan plug in my motherboard, and the pump cable to he CPU OPT plug in the motherboard...

Please advise me for this issue and how to set this fan to maximum speed??

Thx in advance
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    why would you want your fans running that fast for no reason? 35C isnt bad for idle especially depending on ambient temperature. But since you're using asus, go to your thermal radar then at the bottom you'll see the picture of a fan and case, click the tab with the fan, then click on a fan in the page taht it goes to. Click settings and change the profile to turbo on your cpu fan.
  2. OK thx dude.
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