Optiplex 745 (Desktop) - Low profile graphics card that will fit?

I need to upgrade my work pc to support dual screening, and am unsure if the following will fit and run off the current (standard) power supply?

My pc specs; - (Desktop version)

This is the graphics card i'm thinking of buying;

Any help would be very much appreciated!

UPDATE: Ok how about just a dvi add in card? what are they and which will fit? :)
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    Yup, that'll work fine.

    I can't find anything on DVI add-in cards - are you thinking of AGP Digital Display cards, which were the predecessor to PCIe?
  2. Much appreciated confirmation on the graphics card :)

    I hadn't heard of DVI Add in cards until I looked at this;

    If you scroll down to Dual Monitor support, (which is all this fuss was about), it reads 'With optional DVI Add card'
  3. OK, they're just telling you to put in a GPU. Like the one you linked above.
  4. Ah that makes sense!

    I am still a little skeptical that it will fit as there isn't much room inside, can I upload photos here?
  5. It goes into that black slot on the left. You've removed the bit it screws in to though.

    You might need to pull out or move that IDE ribbon though.
  6. Ok the graphics card arrived, fit's in the slot, is fine inside the pc....

    BUT it's not half height and so there's no way the ports will fit/the case will close :(

    Is there a half height bracket converter I can buy?

    Something like this:

    for Asus G210 Silent 1GB DDR3 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E Graphics Card
  7. Phone up the people you bought it from. If they advertised it as low profile, they need to provide the low profile brackets.
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