"No video input, entering sleep mode" msg on screen

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if I may get some help from someone more knowledgeable than myself about computers.... I have built one quite some time ago (5 years) so it is old.

When I booted it up a few weeks ago, it kept giving the "no video input" msg on screen. I have rebooted it and it then everything worked. Then over a few weeks, I would get this error more and more frequently, though after restarting a few times it would work.

Then one day it never turned on anymore. I connected my monitor to another PC and it works fine. I replaced my video card thinking it had burned out but it still didn't work. I have tried replacing the battery on the motherboard and still nothing. All the fans turn on including the CPU fan..... I'm not sure whats going on?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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  1. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I had checked the monitor cable by connecting it to other monitors/PC's and it works fine, so it is not the cable's fault.

    If it isn't the monitor/cable/video card..... what else other than the motherboard could it be? Is there a way to test if it's the motherboards fault, or is the CPU fan turning on indicative that the motherboard is fine?
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