is my 9800gt fried?

morning all,

I recently bought a NVidia 9800gt graphics card which I installed, downloaded drivers for and it worked for say 10 minutes. then died. I put my old 7300gs in and everything works fine. but if I try the 9800GT now the fan spins for a second and then the whole system shuts down.
I looked at my PSU and realised that it was only a 350watt. so what im thinking Is that the card is fine and there wasn't enough power getting to it via the 6pin pci connector. but I am concerned as it did start and work for 10 minutes.

does it sound fried or could it just be a case of a better psu is needed?
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    i dont think your psu can take the extra power required by the card, this should be a decent upgrade.



    checked nvidias website, it also recommends at least a 400watt psu, i don't think your psu can cope, especially if its an old non name brand psu.
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