sony vaio new battery problem

I just bought a new battery pack for my vaio but the little icon on the taskbar says ''unknown remaining'' and indicates the battery condition as critical. Upon disconnection from the AC supply, the laptop turns off immediatlely...Help!!
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  1. Is this an original Sony battery (has the Sony logo, model, & serial # on the label), or one of the many 3rd party knockoffs? Only Sony branded batteries will interact with the battery monitoring system correctly.
  2. It is an original battery with the SOny logo and a bar code.
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    Then return it for exchange, you got a bad battery. Although it's also possible that the power board in the laptop has failed. The only way to diagnose that is to take it to a service center.
  4. Check the Date code on Battery.
    Li-ion Batteries, Have a relativety short life span from what I read, about three years and that includes sitting on a shelf. One of the reasons that it is NOT a good Idea to get a secnd battery thinking that By alternating batteries you will extend the Usefull Life.
  5. On those few laptops that support it, setting 20-80 mode will greatly extend a battery's life. I have a couple of Dell batteries that are approaching 7 years old and still have 90%+ capacity. 20-80 mode keeps the battery charge between 20% & 80% to prevent the over & under charging that causes most of the wear and tear. You can set this in the Vaio Control Center (available in the control panel).
  6. ex_bubblehead
    Is that Battery a Li-ion or the older NiMH battery.
    NiMH (and the even Older NiCD) when properly charged/dischargedcan last much longer than the Li-ion batteries. Have some NiCD lasting close to 10 years.
    From What I've read Li-Ion life expenancies is around 3->4 Yrs, But I do have some that are right at about 4 Yrs.
    You are correct on the 20 -> 80% (Some say 90%).
  7. Dell Latitude D620/630, Li-Ion. Don't abuse them by letting them get too hot/cold, overcharged/discharged and they'll last quite a while. As an example, the Toyota Prius uses a large number of Li-Ion cells that are run between 40-80% discharge/charge and there are packs that are over 10 years old with 60%+ of their original capacity remaining. Mine is at 6.5 years, 85,000 miles, and the last checkup showed 95% capacity remaining. Current Li-Ion technology is quite good now.
  8. thanks for the help...seems like the problem really is the power board...haoping to get it changed under warranty!!
  9. Milind ....can i ask u one thing

    now ur laptop is working or not ??
    i m also having same problem ..i visit sony service centre but they r telling to me , change the Motherboard..:(
    so i m asking to u what problem came in ur Laptop and how u solve the Problem :)

    Thanks in Advance :) i Hope u will reply
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