Best GTX760 card?

As my first PC build, The GPU i'm choosing is the GTX760. There are SOOO many GTX760's that i really can't choose between them. I understand that it's not all about aesthetics so i can't choose just on looks. I prefer the one that has best cooling and very good if not best overclockability. I choose cooling over overclocking though. Build will have a i5 4670k, Corsair CX750, Corsair Vengeance pro 8gb 1600 and MSI Z87 GD65. Thanks.
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    Twin Frozr>ASUS DCU2>Windforce>ACX>Stock. I got that from review that I can't seem to find. The MSI is huge though, so you should go with the ASUS. It's compact, cool, and quiet.
  2. I might suggest a EVGA GTX760 superclocked with a reference cooler
    With the factory overclock, you get a better chip and no real need for overclocking.
    With the direct exhaust blower cooler,
    They get the hot vga air directly out the back of the case.
    Other aftermarket coolers do a good job of cooling the vga chip in an open testbed.
    But in a case, they just dump ht air back into the case where case cooling has to deal with it.
    That heats up both the graphics card AND the cpu.
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