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I just purchased the Netgear N600 to set up servers and for a larger wireless range, and after initially setting it up the first thing I wanted to do was port forward. I went to, logged in, went to Advanced, then Advanced Set Up, then Port Triggering/Port Forwarding, and then made a custom service, and made it have the same starting and ending port. Afterwards, I went to Open Port Check Tool, and it said the port was closed. Then I made the router just make some default ports (where all you do is click add service instead of custom service) and it still said the ports were closed. I tried editing the Nat type to open, disabling the router from blocking sites, and it still says the ports are closed. Could it be an issue with my modem? I have no idea why it's not working.
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  1. boosted1g said:
    You are using your WAN ip from your ISP and not the right?

    I do not know much networking at all, so I don't know what an ISP is, and I am using to log in, and my computers internal IP (found through ipconfig, tell me if that's wrong, as the IPV4 address) and set the ports for that internal IP. I read something about static IPs, but I have no idea how to set that up for my computer.
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