Help required to overclock Core 2 Quad Q8200s

Hi guys ive been trying to overclock my Core 2 Quad Q8200s as its base clock speed is 2.33ghz and I feel it is probably bottlenecking my Gtx 550ti as i get some incredibly shoddy fps on a lot of games, ive managed to overclock it to 2.793ghz and I cant manage to get it any higher without the computer failing to boot and then showing this:

I cannot seem to get the Fsb to go any higher than 399mhz, at 400mhz i get the error above? I havent changed the voltage at all as im not sure how to or if you even can on my motherboard, here are my current settings:

Also my setup is as follows:
Core 2 Quad Q8200s
Asus P5G41T-M LE
Corsair Value Select Ram 2x2gb @1600mhz
Corsair 750m
Gtx 550ti
Fractal Design Arc Mini
Samsung Syncmaster 2032BW x 2

Also ive tried to use the motherboard automatic overclocking but when I set it to the 20% automatic overclock it wont boot as before which is interesting as because when I check on Everest what my current overclock is it shows as 19% which makes me think that maybe I have just reached the CPU's max overclock? Also I get temperatures of about 40c idle and 63c under load which is only an increase of about 4c from when it was set at the stock speeds. So can anyone help me out? I've checked the Core 2 Quad guide on this website to no avail as the setting he has in his motherboard aren't at all similar to mine, Ive look through the Asus motherboard manual as well and it doesn't explain anything at all. Also I have seen a deal for manufacturer refurbished Corsair Coolers on overclockers and was wondering if it would be worth the risk to pick one of them up for cheap:
[urlExt=]Corsair H100[/urlExt]
[urlExt=]Corsair H60[/urlExt]
[urlExt=]Corsair H80[/urlExt]
Any help would be greatly appreciated as Id like to try and get a bit of a performance boost out of my pc for the little while that I have it before I upgrade to current gen intel.
Thanks in advance,
Lewis Jay Birch
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  1. heres a tutorial on getting up to 3.3ghz but you will need good cooling to manage the thermals.
  2. Give it more juice on CPU. Set CPU over voltage to +0.05V. You may experiment with higher settings. Just use small steps.
    Lock PCI-E frequency at 100MHz.
    If this still is not enough, increase VTT voltage a little. By 0.01V increments.
    After you increase it by 0.05V and it is still a no go, start increasing the NB voltage in the same way.
    Please note, that increasing voltage will result in higher temperature on overvoltaged components.

    After you reach your target, do this the other way round. Start decreasing voltages until you loose stability.

    On your board you have no control over CPU multiplier, so if you hit FSB gap, you can't do anything more. This will be your maximum OC.
  3. Are you lowering the Ram frequency before overclocking? When you raise the FSB it also increases the Ram frequency because everything is tied in together. According to your screen shot you have it set to auto. try setting it to 800MHz then upping the FSB speed. Your ram may not be able to handle the extra OC. The ram will gain frequency as you increase the FSB.

    Also you may need to increase the voltage to the CPU but only try this after you have done my first suggestion. Keep the Ram at the 800Mhz setting when trying this. To up your voltage you need to adjust the "CPU Over Voltage" setting. Use a monitoring program to see what your voltage is set at now to know what you need to bump it up to. I like using CPUID's CPU-Z to see the voltage of the CPU. Use a stress test program to put a load on the CPU to get the max voltage setting. Bump the voltage By 1 step up and try to OC. If you fail try the next step up and so on till you reach 5 steps Over stock. If your OC still fails to boot you may have reached the max CPU OC.
  4. So I tried setting my PCI-E frequency to 100mhz and setting my cpu overvoltage to +0.05v and then increased the VTT voltage in increments of 0.01v until i had added 0.05v of which it failed to boot the whole time with the fsb set to 400mhz and the ram set at 900mhz and then moved onto the north bridge and upped it in increments of 0.01v until i had added 0.05v to which it still wouldnt boot at any of the times, surely I must be doing something wrong I have seen my cpu overclocked to 3.3ghz by other people? Is it my motherboard that is letting me down?
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    G41 chipset isn't exactly the best overclocking platform out there. It may be that 400MHz FSB is the maximum for this board and nothing else will help go further, but don't give up yet.

    If that's still not enough give it more juice.
    I wouldn't go over 1.4V for NB and 1.45V for VTT.
    For CPU about +0.15V is max for 24/7 use.
    You can start with high voltage settings to see if it will change something, and then lower them till it refuses to boot.

    Keep RAM at some low settings for now, like the 900MHz you have set. You will fine tune it later, when max FSB is found.
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