Issue with GPU temperatures in my newly-upgraded PC.

I recently upgraded my PC, a new intel core i5 4570, gigabyte mATX mobo, and 8gb RAM.

Other specs are HX-650W Corsair PSU, and my XFX HD6850 GPU.

I started to look into this problem as I got MANY crashes that require a force shutdown RANDOMLY. playing games, minimizing windows, watching youtube etc.

It crashes to a screen with multiple horizontal lines, their colours vary. usually its grey. At the time, my gpu was overclicked a little. (775Core Clock -> 800MHz, 1000 Memory clock -> 1100MhZ.

I decided to download MSI Kombuster and check my temps while playing chivalry medieval warfare, a relatively demanding game, on medium to high settings.

My temps were around 90 degrees, they probably even got to 100.

This worried me, so I turned off overclocking and tried again. I still was getting high 80s.

This is with the fan on AUTO, so it goes faster if necessary. it was almost always on max, i think.

so i opened up my case, cleaned the dust from my GPU fan, and put it back in, and still got the same temps.

There is room for the hot air to escape, the PC case is in a holder, but it has a square empty part near the vent, which leads to under my desk, very roomy.

here is a pic of my pc insides. sorry, but quality.

i guess the bad thing is that the GPUS fan is not facing a vent and is quite cramped, but i dont see a way i can fix that.

i have no external fans besides my psu, gpu and cpu and 2 vents.

right now im using it with my cover off to keep the temperature low. i do not see this as a solution as dust will build up fast. Right now, playing chivalry (VSYNC ENABLED), im hovering around MID 70 degrees.

so am i doing anything wrong? any tips would be appreciated
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  1. With Kombuster or msi afterburner take fan off auto set it to max and see if you hear the fan spin up. Also see if the fan speeds changes by looking at it. If not the fan or the paste may have gone bad from age. If you have some thermal paste most new video card heat sinks held down with few screws.
    If it under warranty try rma.
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    You need airflow to get hot air out of your case. Vents will not do it.
    If you can not fit 2 120mm intale or exhaust fans into your case, I would change out the case.
    It need not be expensive.
    I might look at this antec 300 illusion model:

    Slightly cheaper might be this Antec gaming one case. I would relocate the 120mm exhaust fan to the front as a second intake.
  3. Jaycent here, can I leave the case cover off while I save up for a new case? It's not exactly in the open. It reduced my temps by about 20
    I will leave shirts over the edges when the pc is off
  4. By all means, leave the covers off unless you have cats or kids that might get inside.
    A small house fan would provide airflow until you can fix the problem.
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