Need help with 3 monitor setup.

i bought an ASUS HD-7970
and i have three monitors.
monitor 1: VGA and DVI-D (Dual Link)
monitor 2: HDMI
monitor 3: HDMI

so what adapters would i need to have all 3 monitors running?
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  1. For monitor 1 and 2 use DVI. For monitor 3, use HDMI (with an Active DP adapter). You should not use any VGA adapters.
  2. for the HDMI you're gonna need DisplayPort to HDMI cable as your graphics card doesn't have HDMI port, or you can get a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter if you already have a cable
  3. Thanks guys i guess im just going to have to buy 2 of these for the monitors with HDMI
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    you need an ACTIVE display port to hdmi cable like this one

    to make use of the third monitor. it must be an active adapter, they are usually the more expensive ones.
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