Is Triple-channel RAM the same/compatible with Dual-channel?

Was hard to come up with a title that said what I was trying to say!

I have a first-gen i7 960 system with 24gb of triple-channel G.Skill RAM.

I just purchased a 2600k & motherboard which is obviously dual-channel.

Can I just use 4 of my 6 current sticks and it'll work fine or is triple-channel RAM actually different somehow?
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    yeah they are perfectly fine, they will just run in double channel on the other motherboard.

    double and triple channel is all memory controller related and nothing to do with the ram, in those double and triple packs you get the manufacturer has just tested the ram to work ok together.
  2. Awesome, that's what I was hoping! Just was worried as they sold it in 'kits' of three.

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