First build, opinions/suggestions?

Corsair H80i cooling
Evga GTX 780 with acx
Corsair 500R
Asus sabertooth z87
Corsair vengeance 8G
Seagate barracuda 2TB
Samsung 840series 120G SSD
Corsair enthusiast 850W semi modular PSU
Asus DRW drive

Build is primarily for gaming. Would like those with experience to judge if this is fine, or if changes should be made.
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  1. I'd switch the GTX 780 to a SLI of GTX 760.
  2. And which model 760 would you prefer for this?
  3. Before considering to SLI even you need to get a much powerfull PSU for a single GTX 780 ! Atleast 650W for your system. If you want to SLI 2 760 then consider a 750W PSU minimum .
    But, imo, why would you get SLI 760 when the gtx 780 is arround GTX Titan performance?
    I would recomennd SLI only, but only, when you plan to game on 3 monitors.....
  4. I am getting the corsair 850W PSU, will that do fine for a while?
    And back to SLI, is it only beneficial if I plan to use more than one monitor? Because I only plan on using one. So I want the card with the highest performance on a single monitor. I'd like to keep it quiet as well.
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    i can recommend SLI only when you play on higher than 1080p resolutions. It is money trown out the window if you SLI for 1080p. Best single GPU card today is the GTX Titan but the GTX 780 wins on price with very close performance to the Titan.
    imo, go GTX 780
  6. Sounds great then. Besides the card, does everything else look good? It's my first build, and I don't want to spend money on unnecessary things if not needed :)
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