Which silent case should I buy?

I'm looking to buy a silent computer case. My PC is somewhat loud especially the GPU and would like to suppress the noise. Should I go with the Fractal R4 or Corsair 550D? I'm leaning towards the R4 because its cheaper, but are these cases really whisper quiet? I need some opinions and any suggestions on other silent cases. Thanks.

Fractal R4

Corsair 550D
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  1. I would go with the r4. It is chaper and yes it is quite silent and it will suppress your sound, but not by a lot. It is worth the 100$ and this case also has a window which is a neat addition to the case. I would go with it. Hope I helped a ton!
  2. Yes, they both are quiet. Don't expect them to be silent, though.
    Problem with the silenced cases is that the airflow isn't that great and temps are higher.

    Both these cases are very good. I like R4 design better.
    Let me suggest yet another one. Coolermaster Silencio 650.
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    the window i hear is slightly louder (probably because they have no sounddampening foam there)

    i would defnitely recommend the r4, i just finished putting together my computer in it and the only time i actually hear anything more than a slight fan whir (which makes sense, there are fans moving in there after all), is one my optical drive spins up. and that's probably more to do with the drive itself and the fact that ive been using it for all sorts of things involving new computer program installs

    and of course the cheaper price. the nonwindowed is only $90 at microcenter and both versions are often $90 on amazon

    one thing to keep in mind with the r4..the instruction manual consists of a diagram showing all the different parts and where they are in the case..that's it. so if you are looking for a bit more instruction with how things work and fit together you'll need to figure that out elsewhere..a bit annoying for a first time builder
  4. I have the R4 (non-window version) and it really is dead silent in idle, surfing the web, etc. Even when I game it is still really quiet to where I can only hear it if I was really trying to and put my ear up next to the case. It was an easy case to work with. I also bought 2 additional Fractal fans (the same ones in the case) and put one in the front. I was getting good airflow and my overclocked temps were great so I didn't have to install the other one. I think it was a great buy
  5. one thing i didnt realize for a bit, was that you had to rip out that metal grille in the lower optical drive. It's held in rather weakly and meant to come out (although it takes more force than you might think, just keep pushing and pulling at it until the thin metal bits holding it in snap off)
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