Is it normal, CPU/GPU temperature while gaming?

Hello, i have an i5 3570, 650 ti boost,

while playing far cry 3 my gpu reached 63 - 66 degree c, where as the cpu: 55 - 60 degree c, and

while playing crysis 3, the gpu reached the same temperature whereas the cpu reached 72 degree c,

currently i have maxed both of them, as im gaming at a small resolution, so are these temperatures normal? at what temp should i be worried? moreover the gpu has a load of 95% throughout the game(would that affect?).
And is there a way to control/increase the cpu fan temperature, just the way i have custom fan profile for my gpu?
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  1. Your temperatures don't look out of the ordinary however I'd keep an eye on the cpu temperature. Personally I don't like seeing 70C for a CPU - which is why I watercool. The GPU temps look perfectly normal.
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    It's hard to answer based upon gaming ..... use of a standardized test let's you compare apples to apples. Download OCCT and run their GPU / CPU tests ..... Im happy below 75 on the CPU and 82 on the GPU which leaves plenty of safe headroom.
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