5970 latest drivers wont install only with fresh windows


my 5970 has been good untill 13.6 beta drivers never had a problem untill now, for life nor money can i get the display driver to install correctly, Beta or Main version BTW!

ive done it the same way all the time with display drivers, uninstall with the CIM reboot into safe mode driver sweeper reboot and then install new drivers fresh, even tried the command way and it hasnt worked,

i done a fresh install to see if that would fix it and it has and currently running 13.6 beta drivers, tried to install the latest beta which iirc is 13.8 and the same thing happened the display driver does not install, reverted back with a system image so my GPU is working correctly etc,

any way to fix this, as i cant figure out whats wrong, mobo bios is fine all set to PCI-E and hasnt been altered since saving the profiles etc, have even double checked to make sure and there all fine, tried with and without overclocks and still doesnt work.

currently on base everything and still cant get it to install the latest beta, is there anyway to install the display driver manually maybe?

asus crosshair mobo, PSU is more then suffice to power the card, has done for the last near on 2 years

any help please?
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    thanks for reply, ive been using this card since aroudn drivers have to have 13.4 installed minimum ro play certain games etc, all games play fine etc with 13.6 beta, i have tried reverting back to older drivers but they would not run the newer games and was being told yo update drivers etc,

    dont see how going back to 12.6 will help with the display drivers being installed, regardless of what version they just wont install at all, everything else on the custom installtion of the CIM is sleceted and installs fine, Bar the Display driver

    go into device manager and it says that im using standard VGA when ive tried to install latest drivers, doesnt mention nothign about 5900 series like it does now with the drivers correctly installed!
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