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We are trying to setup free wifi at our community center. It is going to be open and no authentication needed. All we want is when someone connects our website to launch. The setup we have is a WOW cable business line. So we gonna connect a router to the cable modem and then connect 3 wireless access points to the router. Can someone recommend a good router that already have the captive portal capability to redirect to a website when initially connected.

P.S. I have tried some of the hack firmware like DD-WRT and WifiDog. Don't wanna go that route.
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  1. Router Linksys WRT54G v6

    Wanted to get a captive portal option on this router. Flashed it with.

    DD-WRT v24-sp2(7/22/09) micro

    Navigated to Services>Hotspot

    Nothing there but http redirect option. Could some post a link to the exact firmware I would need to flash this router with a wifidog or other open source captive portal feature.
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