Windows 7 Random BSOD?

So I have been getting random BSOD for the past few weeks now, 2 weeks ago it happened a lot and then it just stopped and I didn't get any errors, but a day ago im getting BSOD's again. It would happen at random I could be playing games for hours on end and not get any but sometimes I could get it in a few hours. I don't think it is my CPU either I ran Prime 95 blend on it for at least 6-8 hours a few days ago. and didn't get any errors any ideas please?
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    Hi, the possible cause of this:
    1. Overclocking (if any).
    2. Overheating.
    3. Memory problems (check it with some memory test).
    4. Unsufficient Power Supply.
    5. Instable operationg or demages in some on-motherboard electronic components (check capacitors).
    also, do not forget to provide the BSOD (Blue Screen) error data (at least the error code and its parameters)
    or its screenshot.
    Best Regards.
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