First time overclocking my i5 3570k with a Corsair H60 and a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H motherboard

This is my first time overclocking something other then my gfx cards and i don't know where to start, I understand the basics, like watching temps and trying to keep the voltage as low as possible, etc. i just need a little bit of guidance.

First off these are my computers specs:

CPU- Intel core i5 3570k stock
MOBO- Gigabyte GA-z77x-UD3H
Cooler- Corsair H60
Ram- Corsair Vengeance 2 x 8gb 1600mhz

Second, the way i look at it is, I have 3 ways of overclocking
- Easytune 6- (heard that this was not a good way to find a good overclock)

- Bios- (I Know it is the most recommended option but I tried to do a very minor overclock but i just couldn't really figure it out)

- Easytune 6's Autotune feature- (I dont really know anything about the autotune feature, but if you guys recommend it then i will definitely try it out, but even if you dont recommend it i would like to know why)

Last thing, I am only 17 years old and everything that i know about computers i have either taught myself through trial and error with old computers i used to have or i have learned it from reading forums and asking questions, so with that said, i know how to do some stuff but when it comes to overclocking i dont know anything, so if you could, please give me the most detailed instructions you possibly can.

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    Take some screenshots of your BIOS settings : plug in a USB drive then boot to BIOS - on each screen you bring up hit the F12 key - that should save an image to your flash drive, then use Easytune and OC to 4 or 4.2 - then can look in BIOS and see what all Easy tune changed, then can click it up to 4.4 or whatever and raise appropriate voltages - primarily vCore and you'll have some idea of what needs to be changed
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