PC not booting with graphic card power supply plugged in


Hope this is the right subforum to ask this question :P

So my problems is as follows:
My setting used to work...all up to today when my pc just shut down suddenly. After playing around with the components, I discovered that it's a problem either with the psu or my gpu. The things is, if I put out the gpu, system boots normally with the integrated graphic card, no issues. Even with the gpu inserted in the pci slot, but not connected with the power cords, fan of gpu spins, so I reckon it's not completely dead either. So, my question is, could the psu have degenerated in a year so much that it can't power the gpu anymore? Or is it more likely to be a gpu connector issue? I can't test with other gpus or psu's atm, so I'm asking you guys what is the more likely issue.

My specs:
i5 3450
Radeon HD 7950 Black Edition
Seagate 1tb disk
8gb ddr3 ram
some x dvd drive

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    only way to know for sure, try out the gpu on another computer. Or go to a local pc repair store and they could easily check it out most likely for free
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