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hi, im getting the asus m5a97 le r2.0 am3+ atx motherboard. im also getting the cx 750m psu. my problem is the asus motherboard only has a 4 pin cpu connector and my psu only has a 8 pin psu connector. so im wondering if an 8 pin can be put in a 4pin by some use of a adapter or some other work around, tho i haven't bought any of these things yet so you can recommened another psu or mobo thanks.
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  1. That 8-pin CPU connector is designed to be split into into a 4+4-pin. It is a simple slide fit, where the two haves are joined. Don't worry your PSU is fine, it will accommodate the 4-pin CPU socket.

    EDIT: If you go on Newegg's site for the PSU ( you can easily see the "split-line" in the 8-pin connecter, especially once you zoom-in through the picture/flash viewer.
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    The 8 pin is splittable. 4+4 Seperate and plug into board.
  3. thanks alot. by any chance do know if my motherboard is good for overclocking?
  4. It's not a good overclocking board.
  5. do you know any good ones that are AM3+?
  6. Budget?
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