Kind of a stupid question but need answer anyways.

I have a new motherboard that I got - an MSI X79 GD-45 and I want to get a 4820K when the IB-E CPUs are released, will I need to update the BIOS before I buy the CPU or should I get a 3820 first?
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  1. werner123 said:
    Hello g-unit1111, it's recommended to update the bios before getting the new Processor (4820K), otherwise your PC might fail to boot (black screen) the i7-3820 is supported with bios version 1.4 (7735v14) :)

    Is it possible to boot a motherboard without a CPU and then update the BIOS via USB? I know a few Asus boards give you the option to update the BIOS from USB but not all of the major manufacturers do.
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