How to separate network?

Hi guys, sorry for annoying.

Basically, I have a restaurant/hotel business. I live onsite.

We have a 5Mbps ADSL2 connection coming in and going into a Netgear DG834G. From this, we have an ethernet cable going to a Linksys router (tomato'd), and from there we have separate ethernet cables going to different parts of the building. This means different ethernet cables going to DHCP disabled routers in each of the suites that we rent out for short-term stays, these routers are so that people can use the wireless to access the internet for free.

Anyway, some of the devices that I own on the network, including POS systems, computers, server, NAS drives are all on the same network. It's such a big building here and very old so very difficult to run separate wires and the likes.

I was wondering if there was any way so that I can separate the network (subnet?) for private and public access. Obviously, if a new device was to request an IP address from the server (which acts as DHCP server, all other modems/routers have DHCP disabled), it would go onto the public subnet, but if I was to manually set a device up, it would access the private subnet

I'm not great with networks, is it possible to do this?

Many thanks!

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    Yes you have to separate the networks with ip addresses .
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