How to enable AHCI in MSI z87-g45 gaming motherboard

Hey guys i recently just got an SSD card and ive read some guides that before doing a clean install windows on it i first have to enable AHCI mode to enable TRIM. Them guides says i can find this in the BIOS boot but the problem is i really couldnt find it. Does anyone know where to enable this? Thanks in advance
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    Integrated Peripherals Menu in BIOS
    Sets integrated peripherals' parameters, such as LAN, HDD, USB and audio. Press
    <Enter> to enter the sub-menu.

    SATA Mode [AHCI Mode]
    Sets the operation mode of the onboard SATA controller. The default mode is
    [Disabled] Disables the SATA function.
    [IDE Mode] Specify the IDE mode for SATA storage devices.
    [AHCI Mode] Specify the AHCI mode for SATA storage devices. AHCI (Advanced
    Host Controller Interface) offers some advanced features to enhance
    the speed and performance of SATA storage device, such as Native
    Command Queuing (NCQ) and hot-plugging.
    [RAID Mode] Enables RAID function for SATA storage devices.
  2. Thanks man got it already :)
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