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I have a Corsair M90 for my desktop, and now I'm looking for a cheap mouse to use for my laptop to play a quick game of LoL when i'm not at my desktop. Right now I'm using my awesome Logitech M BJ58 that i've had for years, but the 800dpi doesnt really compare to my M90. Any suggestions for something that will last me more than a year and still be good. Cheaper the better! I have a medium sized hand (its a tiny bit big for my M90) and usually use a palm grip.
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  1. I'm using a CM storm Sentinel advance 2 for 2 years now no problem so far. 8200 dpi, macro options and do an amazing job, paid 50$ and i've seen it at 40$ on NCIX and they give a 20$ Mail-in rebate so 20$ is what this mice will cost to you ;)

    PS: i have big hands and i use palm no problem, my finger are beside the profile buttons (up of the scroll wheel) so medium hands should be correct too...
  2. you can get an old style deathadder for about $30-35 on ebay.
  3. I was looking for something from a company I've heard of lol ... the E3 seems a bit shady and cheap, which i know is redundant for my issue haha
  4. I use an e-3lue and so does my cousin, we haven't had any problems
  5. Right now I'm looking into a refirb Logitech g400s, refirb 3500 deathadder and the winner might end up being a perixx mx2000b unless I can get a great price on the g400
  6. I think that the perixx looks really good, and it is highly reviewed, if you like it I'd say go for it, I had never heard of perixx before but reading the reviews it seems like a pretty great mouse
  7. Yeah I saw the 3000, but it doesn't seem as out there as the 2000 so I'll save the whole buck.... Now just waiting on my eBay bids to see what mouse I get haha
  8. Buffalufacus said:
    Yeah I saw the 3000, but it doesn't seem as out there as the 2000 so I'll save the whole buck.... Now just waiting on my eBay bids to see what mouse I get haha

    Yeah and reading more, the 2000 will be better for a medium sized hand. Good luck
  9. Thanks for your help! I actually ended up winning a 2012 Deathadder for like 31 bucks, but I also have bids on a Logitech G100 (which I hope I don't win) and The Perixx MX2000 which if I win for under 20 I wouldn't mind using as a spare, or figuring out which one I like better and selling the other. So we shall see! I have a feeling after using my M90 the Deathadder will feel super cheap, but as long as it gets the job done and doesnt break within the year I'll be happy.
  10. I like my Razer tournament controller, I'm not sure about their mouses, but the controller is top notch. Good luck again.
  11. the old deathadder is one of the few products razer got right.

    i've tried various high end mice and always return to the deathadder. the only issue i have with it is that the surface attracts dust however the rubberized coating is also one of the reasons i like the mouse. i havent found a mouse which works better for average sized hands and a palm grip.

    of course this is my own opinion.

    make sure you only clean it with a damp cloth (water only) and never use alcohol or other chemical cleaners on rubber coated perepherals. you can make the rubber tacky and its a nightmare after that. just listing it as a precaution. just as you shouldnt use chemicals to clean your monitor either.
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