Best motherboard for 3 way sli?

Im upgrading to include a third graphics card (3x570gtx) and im looking for the right motherboard. I would ideally like to get asrock as Ive used asrock motherboards before.

Im currently looking at this one:

But im unsure if it supports 3xGPUS?

also on that note im unsure how the three GPUS connect due to the large spacing of one of the slots?

The pc is a mix of everything from gaming, an editing pc and a photoshop pc. I also do alot of overclocking and would prefer a board where I could push the cpu (intel 2500k)

any help would be appreciated,

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    it supports it get it
  2. sparkz89 said:
    it supports it get it

    cheers dude,

    would you recommend it over these?

    1. Gigabyte Motherboard Z77 G1 Sniper M3

    2. ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution

    Also from what I can find out about the contents of the asrock motherboard the only seem to give you a 2 way sli bridge connector. what do I need to get to reach way over there to the other connector?

  3. Asus Maximus Extreme
    Asus WS
  4. i recently became a asrock fan since the sandybridge, its overclocking capabilities are amazing
  5. Sabertooth boards are by far the best bang for your buck. BUT if you want the best of the best, you have to get the RoG boards.
  6. JefferyD90 said:
    Sabertooth boards are by far the best bang for your buck. BUT if you want the best of the best, you have to get the RoG boards.

    Could you recommend a sabertooth board for me to check out? I'd ideally not want to spend over £200.

    Also anyone know what I need to buy to connect the third gpu for sli I'f I do decide to go asrock?

    Sorry but I'm not the most technically minded when it comes to PCIe slots.
  7. If you have a 2500K then look at this one:

    Its going to be right around that price range too. You wont be upset with it.
  8. None of posts contains correct answer about motherboard capable of 3xSLI. Knowing that X79 and i7 cpus usually offer 40 pcie lanes, it's obvious that motherboard needs additional PCI lanes, which comes as PLX PEX chip.

    So the answer would be: any motherboard that has PLX PEX chip; but also there are some intel server chipsets for xeon which might have more pcie lanes.At the time of writing this there is no X99 mobo with PEX chip. Maybe wait a bit until x99 becomes more available.

    I would go for ASROCK Extreme 11 motherboard (X79 based mobo) that is capable of 4-way full 16x @ PCIe 3.0 SLI/CF or the fact that it has 8 USB 3.0 ports and much much more is useful to you in any way. Two PEX PLX chips provide sufficient PCIE lanes to PCIe slots and a SAS controller. If you are worried about price, remember that SAS controller costs $300 if you buy it separately. I run 6 SSD drives on that SAS and each drive has very high thruput; this isn't possible with provided Intel chipset SATA controller (transfer speed drops 50% if you have 2 SSDs, and so on). As you see, expensive word is relative. 3x or 4x SLI/CF is backed up by the sufficient PCIe lanes coming out of PEX PLX chips. you are more than safe.
    Don't know any other mobo with this characteristics.
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