Plasma Monitor Settings? Driver Problem?

So I have a Plasma screen. A nice Panasonic ST50 that I insist on using as a cpu monitor. It looks pretty good, but not spectacular. It has about a one inch bar between the actual screen border and what the cpu displays on.

After trying all the settings I could find between my PC and screen menu, I upgraded from a ATI HD 5770 to a R7850 from Best Buy.

When I installed the card and restarted the computer. It looked wonderful for about 2 minutes until the computer said it had installed the proper drivers for my new graphics card and needed to be restarted. Once it reinstalled everything and went back to it's 'proper driver' installation, it returned back to the same border and lackluster color.

Seems to me this is a driver and not a hardware problem. I'm keeping the GPU, though as I think I'll like it for the games I play, in the meantime though I don't know what to do about this problem.

One thing I noticed is that when it looked good, the display in the control panel said 'Generic Monitor'

Now that it looks bad again, it says 'Panasonic TV0'

I don't get any options to change it back to 'Generic Monitor'

Under my TV's 'HD' aspect adjustments is where I was able to get it to adjust the picture to the edge of the screen in 'generic monitor' mode, but now that it is in 'Panasonic TV0' mode the 2 options for aspect adjustments don't help.

I would love some help troubleshooting this as I am determined to make this work.
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    go to the ccc panel andunder flat screen property activate scale by gpu and ajust picture to the panel size that should work .
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