Order of Operations Samsung 840Pro and Windows 7

I know Ive been asking a lot of questions recently, god bless you all...but Im almost there!

So...I installed Windows onto my 840 before I installed the 840 drivers that came in the box. TBH I had forgotten all about them. Should I have booted from the Samsung Drivers CD in BIOS and installed them beforehand, or is it ok to go ahead and install them from the OS?

Any feedback appreciated. Thanks.
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    You're good. You needed Windows installed first.
  2. Install from the OS and download current drivers as needed. They will be "fresher" (more current) that way.
  3. Ok cool. Thanks guys.

    Dont think Ive ever updated drivers on an SSD, do I need to use a driver sweeper or some similar program like with GPUs?
  4. Installing drivers for Windows on a SSD is the same as installing on a HDD. There is no difference.
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