What is a good used graphic card for gaming

Hi, Guys I want to buy a used graphic card for gaming, but i have a low budget around 60$. I guess the gt430 would be good for that money, anyway i have seen some youtube clips of gameplay in Battlefield 3 for GT 430, and GTX9800 actually very decent. I dont want to play all games at ultra settings but at very good graphics.

My current specs :

Ram : 2GB
VGA : 1 GB onboard (800mb usable)
Processor : Co i3

Any suggestions would be good, and one more thing, I have seen the gameplay of battlefield 3 on gt 9800, but it doesnt support dx 11 right? then doesnt battlefield 3 need DX 11?
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  1. I have a 4870 and an i7 in the office and it sucks for BF3 even at 720p. Not sure how well those cards will do for you. Its one thing to play single player, and another for multiplayer. In single player I get almost twice the FPS as mp.
  2. ^yeah that card is a way better choice.
  3. guys, i heard the HD 7770 is good too. will that be available for the budget
  4. The HD 7770 is $90, and the GHz version of it is $100. So no, it's not in your $60 budget.
  5. graphics card expert, can i get one for 90$? i will try to extend it to 90$ if i cn get one for that budget.
    And other keep sugessions coming for (60$)
  6. how about hd 7750 what is a used one price???
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    You could find some HD 7750 for about $78, but I really wouldn't recommend you to pick it. The price/performance ratio is not even close to the HD 7770.
  8. okay but take a look at this : quite good gameplay on Farcry 3.
  9. It is on a 900p resolution, it is only 35 FPS, and we got no clue about the CPU that he has. Can't really judge when informations are missing.
  10. ok great
  11. The HD 7730 might work if you can wait a bit.
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