lost administrator privileges to a bastard exe

Hello good samaritans,

I'm in dire need to repair my usual offline computer. I keep my gaming computer I built in 2011 offline to avoid malware but it seems I've been hand selected by something my antivirus would call a renegade.

I thought to install that old school game typing of the dead for dreamcast but the fool I am, the install.exe took control of my administrator privileges. I downloaded the pc version. Now I'm living with the insecurity and fear of what could be. I would love to cure this ailment. I hope you all can guide me in the right direcrion.

From the very beginning to the end let me know what to do.

I'm actually quite proficent with a windows system so please be succinct.


I hope we can unwire this hillbilly catastrophe.

Ps. I use the older version of comodo firewall and avira anti virus so I probably blocked a good deal of the extra bs. But somehow this one got the lick around on me.
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    The strongest tool I would use to be sure of killing this is ComboFix which you can find at or, which I recommend, by reading the instructions carefully first then downloading from

    You need to wait however long it takes to complete and when it has and has produced its log, opn the Run box and type combofix /uninstall then press Enter. It seems to be installing but will eventually confirm it has uninstalled. Restart the system after that and you will be in the clear.
  2. Hey saga. Thanks for the option. I ran the utility and got a log. I using my smartphone. My laptop has hardware issues. So here I am. I still have so many problems. This did just about nothing but make a log.

    So when I try to open most programs in administrator mode it tell me... "not enough quota to process this command."

    I'm constantly told that I don't have administrator privilges. Luckily I have comodo defense denyingmost malware from running anything I don't administe, at least for face value.

    Any more help is truly appreciated.

    I'll try to copy this log
  3. It made its log after clearing out anything it suspected shouldn't be there so it would be interesting to see the log. A simple copy and paste will bring it back here - it's only a Notepad .txt file.

    Can you create a new user account and give it Administrative rights? If you can, log into it and see what freedom you have in there. If you haven't, you may need to retrieve your files and reinstall Vista.
  4. sorry for such slowness. I have to download an app to access my sd card on my smartphone so I can copy and paste the log. My computer is barely operational between user accounts and the modifications of minor errors to settings with safemode. I'll have the log up in five minutes.
  5. I'm actually getting confused by your replies, saga. Simply because they are so generic. Sadly I have no safe option I know of to copy and paste this combo log I copied from safe mode from my offline computer which was sadly infectd by a bastard exe, purposeful malware that has takrn of my administrator priviliges.

    I will have to wait until tomorrow to post any log. A Smart phone has no option to copy and paste a txt file by default or by looking for a non intrusive program.

    So here I am. Please help me in the afternoon tomorrow. I would appreciate it, no bullshit.
  6. Forget the log - it's academic and hardly worth all the trouble. I thought you had another PC at your disposal. If the problem persists after ComboFix went to work on it, the chances are it wasn't malware that caused it.
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