HP Pavilion Slimline s5501f - help with upgrading graphics card

So I bought this HP Pavilion Slimline s5501f a couple of years ago, and it's a great computer but the graphics card is terrible and I'd like to be able to play better games like a flight simulator. Do you think I could upgrade it with a zotac GeForce gt 610 2gb?

Do I have enough power from my 220w power supply that I have to be able to run this graphics card and will this graphics card even fit inside my case and on my motherboard.

Any direction on this would help. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I wouldn't recommend upgrading it to a 610. Honestly that card is horrid. Your integrated gpu is likely onpar or a bit better than that. Not to mention the 220w psu.

    I wouldn't do it. Even if you did you probably won't be able to play flight sim.
  2. What do you recommend for graphics card for my slimline s5501f?
  3. Sorry, I must have been thinking of a different flight game... I just looked at the requirements of flight sim X and they are very low.

    While it won't be the best (or even on most peoples "consider it worth looking twice at" list) I recommend the 6570, it is much faster than the 610 and at around the same price point.

    It also uses very low power. (around 20w max) (about the same as 2/3 fans)
  4. Thank you for your quick response mouse24, one final question and I will wrap this up. If I wanted a better card than 6570, what card could my system handle as max. Thanks
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    My internet is currently very bad (pretty sure I went over the cap and they are punching me for it) so loading that the manual isn't going to happen.

    Right now without knowing the more technical specs of your power supply the most I would suggest is a 6570. I mean you might get away with a 7750 but I don't recommend it. Most OEM (dell, gateway, HP, etc) cheap out on power supplies and they can't actually put out the wattage they say they can.

    So I can't recommend anything over a 6570.
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