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So i use to have a sapphire 6850 and the video card started to get screen tearing, so I bought a sapphire 7850 OC edition. after a month and a hald to two months of having the card maybe even a little more. After having the 7850 for that time, I started to get screen flickering(bassically its sort of like lightning) while playing league of legends. I thought maybe it was just league of legends because i have read many people with the 7850 have the same problem and i have talked to riot and eventually after having me do a bunch of trouble shooting they said they are aware that it is a problem. So as I was saying i only thought it happened during league of legends, until I played the infinite crisis beta my screen started flickering, but it was much worse than league of legends is. I have played other games such as smite and dawngate and no flickering at all, i heard the fix was to fix youe 2d and 3d clocks set 2d to 500/800 or somthing like that and 3d to anything, my question is how do i do this or does anyone know another fix. i tried msi afterburner and the asus tool, but i cant find where to edit 2d clocks
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    Hmmm, Not to sure about the 2d clocks but what monitor do you have and does it do this when watching movies?

    Just out of curiosity what monitor do you have and are your fps Vsynced in game and do you have the refresh rate set properly? Some games might auto to 72hz when you have a 60hz monitor causing interesting issues. Though this hasn't happened in quite a while and is unlikely to be the case.
  2. I have a Dell ST24, both in game and monitor are set to 60hz. my fps in game is 60-80 iv tried vsync on and off same results
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