Does it matter which sata is plugged into which port?

I have a 1.5tb as my C drive(primary) drive and a 1tb as my D: drive and a Blueray drive as well. I really can't remember the order they are plugged into so I have an SSD that I am going to make my primary drive, do I have to rearrange the SATA plugs or can I just plug it into an open port and set it as primary in bios?
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    Part of it depends on the SSD. If it is an Intel SSD I would plug it into an Intel controller. When I first built my computer I had an Intel SSD plugged into a Marvell controller and had to deal with BSODs. When I plugged the Intel drive into an Intel controller the BSODs stopped. I'm not sure if that will happen with other SSDs as well (Samsung, Crucial, etc.). Without knowing the manufacturer and model of the motherboard I can't tell what or how many SATA controllers you have.
  2. You want the Ssd on the intel six g Sata port. Your hard drives and DVD can go on the 3G ports.
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