NZXT Phantom 630 or Corsair Graphite 600t

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  1. do you really want a full tower?

    a good alternative between full/mid - holds alot
  3. sparkz89 said:

    a good alternative between full/mid - holds alot
    Im trying to save money on the case. And I do really like the look of both of those cases. What has better cable managment and upgradability etc..
  4. i am a sucker towards corsair because of how well they manage your cables, i especially enjoy the obsidian series just because of future water cooling capabilities, also this 650d comes with a hotswap bay
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    Not sure if your still looking...

    I went to my local microcenter and had some hands-on time with the Phantom 630 and Graphite 600T. I liked the 600T, but it seemed too much like what every other company is doing with their cases in that price range. Nothing beside the curvy styling made it different. Definitely a sturdy case though.

    I ended up buying the Phantom 630. The 3.5" drive configuration options (1-drive, 2-drive, and 3-drive cages included and can be configured in any way), SSD mounts behind the motherboard, great fans included. Can keep the 200mm fan on top and still mount my H80 to the front-most top 120mm mount on top with two fans in a push/pull config. Cable management is a dream. Tool free drive mount design is great. It also has a 10x3-pin fan controller mounted behind the motherboard tray with a 3-way switch at the top of the case. Even though I don't need it with a LGA2011 motherboard, there is a giant cutout behind the CPU area that would allow you to swap out CPU coolers/backplates for any architecture beside a dual-Xeon. The inside of this case is simply spacious. It is really sturdy.

    I mounted my two SSDs behind the motherboard (the 630 actually has mounts there!) and removed all of the drive cages except for the two-HDD cage which I have mounted just beneath the 5.25 cage. This allows uninhibited airflow into the case by the 200mm fan in the front. Things are 3-5C cooler as a result of switching to this case from an older design Thermaltake Spedo (used to be my favorite) with more fans. All of the power and sata cables are easily hidden because of the grommet placement. The front-panel hookups are clearly marked. The bags of screws that came with the case are easily identified in zip-lock baggies.

    The Phantom 630 is a great case with some really convenient and innovative features. I am really impressed by the thought put into this design. It really seems like they listened to PC builder feedback and applied a lot to the case design.
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