i5 3570k Overclocking Results: Good or Bad?

Greetings everyone,
I'm new to overclocking, and I'm seeking a little feedback from the community. I managed to reach 4.5Ghz without adjusting any voltages. My temps are what concern me. According to CoreTemp, one of my cores reached 78c during an IBT on stress level: very high. Everything appears to be stable. Should I be concerned?

Cooling Solution: CM Hyper 212+ in a push/pull setup with Arctic Silver 5 TP

Also, speed step/turbo mode is still enable along with all of the nifty power saving features.

CPU-Z Validation

Thank you for your time.
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    That's very good.

    78C is fine, given you're never going to be running anything as stressful as IBT on it.
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