GPU above the Power Supply in my Alienware Aurora.

Hi. A got an Aurora a few years ago with one 5770 in it. I recently bought a Sapphire 7950. Now I got another one. Well I actually it came faulty, when I had it in the second PCIe slot the fans spun up but nothing happened. When I tried switching it out with the working card and turning on the computer it made a beeping noise and wouldn't power up. I sent it back for replacement.

I actually had to bring the computer to a guy at the computer store because the wires that were coming up from the PSU would press up against the fan/fans of the bottom card. The wiring was very neat which I liked but why would they wire it in a way which makes it impossible to add a second card lol?

Anyway I tried the working card in the second slot which is above the power supply and played a game for a few hours. I noticed the temp of the card was reaching high 70s. Its normally in the mid 60s-low70s when it's hot in my room and the card isn't overclocked. When it's overclocked and it's hot in the room i've seen it reach 83 but when it's cool in here and the cards clocked it stays in the low 70s or high 60s. Almost like the card isn't even overclocked when it's cool in the room.

I put the card back in the top slot and the max temp it got to was 72.
So having it above the PSU is causing it to heat up more?
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    Yup. Worse airflow.
  2. Do you think mounting a 120MM fan and pointing it at the cards would help with that?
  3. You want it in the top slot - it's usually got a faster connection to the CPU.

    Why do you want it in the bottom slot?
  4. I'm getting a second 7950 and I have only 2 slots.
  5. Wondering if my PSU is enough for it also. It's an 875 watt Dell PSU.
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