24 inch vs 27 inch 1920*1080 samsung monitor

I would like to know which monitor size would be best for gaming and every day use. Can you also recommend the samsung model that is 1920*1080? I am aware that if I buy a 2560*1440, I would need a high performance graphic card, so I am better off with the 1920*1080. Would the 1920*1080 look awkward on a 27 inch monitor since the bigger the size of a monitor the higher resolution it should be? Is there any other brands that are reliable beside samsung?
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  1. Asus, AOC, BenQ, Acer....plenty of good choices and I only listed the first two letters of the alphabet.

    How much are you willing to spend? TN or IPS panel?
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    I know ALOT of people that game on 27" monitors @ 1920 x 1080p and they have 24" as their secondary monitor. Most of them say there is no loss in quality at all nor does it look awkward as you said. Mostly it depends on how far you actually sit to your monitor, and or the size of your desk. If you sit close you may want to go with a 24" for you will be surprised how big it actually is. Personally I think 24 is perfect - 27 is a tad too big for me but looks beautiful regardless.

    So like I said no loss in quality, just bigger. Hope this helps
  3. 24 vs 27" : comes down to how far away you sit from the monitor. For me, I'm 2feet away so 24" is perfect.
  4. Well.. for me, the bigger the better. For gaming it works like that for me. So, I would say go for the 27 inch.
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    Total: $237.58
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