All in One cooler pump control issues

Hi Folks

I have just built a new gaming PC (my first) and i am having a bit of trouble with my AIO cooler. I would love a bit of advice.
I have been a long time reader and find some of the best advice i have read comes from here... hence my joining up to seek advice.

System specs:
4650K Processor ...... overclocked to 4.4Ghz
Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD4H MoBo
16G of 1600 MHz Corsair Vengeance Pro RAM
2 x EVGA GTX 770 SC graphics cards
Corsair 860i Power Supply
Silverstone Tundra TD02 CPU Cooler

With the pump plugged into the CPU OPT point on the MoBo it makes a rattling noise as it ramps up and down with CPU Temp. I have since learnt that the pump needs to me run at 100% all the time.

I read that the OPT output should be set to run at 100% but in the BIOS, it only gives me the option to set the FAN/OPT outputs combined, not separately. This makes the fans run at 100% all the time which is louder than desired when just surfing the net. The pump however runs perfectly like this.

The Silverstone Tundra TD02 CPU Cooler i have has the 2 x 3 pin PWM fans run into a single 4 pin header connected to the CPU FAN header.

I'm after advice as to what is the best way to run the pump.

Is there something i am missing in the BIOS, or do i need a separate power adapter direct from my power supply to run it full stick all the time?

Any advice appreciated.

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  1. Best answer
    get this to run it to 100% when connected through this connector to PSU
  2. That connector only looks like it has 2 wires to each plug?

    dows this run the pump properly?
  3. yeah it will run it at 100%
    no problems at all
    safe way

    it will have 2 only as it doesnt control the speeds
  4. Thanks Sn..... I found a cable and the pump is now running at 12V all the time.

    This has raised an issue that the rattling noise is actually one of the fans, not the pump.

    So, now to source a couple better fans for the radiator.

    Thanks for your help :)
  5. for best rad fans

    ur welcome mate
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