White Vertical Lines on Screen!

As title says, i get vertical white lines on screen. Also the "beep" comes to late and after windows loading i get a black screen. This happens only when my 4870 is installed. Can i repair my old card? Bought it with my old core 2 quad system back in early 2009.

Current Specs:
i5 4670K (stock)
Gigabyte Z87X-D3H mobo
Sapphire HD4870 1GB
Tagan BZ500 watt 80+ PSU
HAF912 Advanced case
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  1. antiglobal said:
    You can try having the card repaired. It is probably the cold solder joint (needs reballing).

    You say that i have to put my card in the oven? (As google says)
  2. antiglobal said:
    No, it will damage or kill electrolytic capacitors. Take it to the computer service / repair shop.

    Ok, thank you.
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