Can't decide: HD 7990 or GTX 780?

Currently looking for a new Graphics card and managed to narrow it down to the two in the thread title. The problem is, I don't know which is more suitable, despite the fact they're both roughly the same price as of late.

I'm worried about whether or not my Truepower New 750w PSU would be enough to power the 7990, seeing that it's a power hungry beast.

Also, I have a HAF 922 Case -- is this large enough to accommodate the 7990?

My native resolution is 1440p and I usually play Arma II on the machine.

Thanks Guys.
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  1. always go for a single gpu
  2. HD 7990 has more performance at least on paper, but Crossfire still suffers from frame timing issues on DX9. I wouldn't recommend getting it at least yet if you're primary playing a DX9 title.
  3. I was worrying about the whole dual GPU thing.

    Arma isn't that well optimized as it is, so I'm guessing it won't make great use of it.
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    Id take two 7970s before id take a dual GPU single card....but with Xfire issues still only partly solved, wouldn't go that way....given yur choices, Id stake the 780 but I do way more dual 770 builds than 780s
  5. Thanks for all your help guys.

    I think I'll take your advice and go with the 780 (Maybe even the superclocked version).

    I guess I enjoy the hassle free nature of a single GPU card.
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