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Two weeks ago, my Dell laptop's hard drive failed, (according to the Dell diagnostic program run pre-boot). I paid to have the HDD replaced with a brand new 500GB hybrid drive and the computer store gave me a Win7 dvd to reload the OS. When I got home, I tried to load Win7, put the disk in the drive, selected "Boot from CD/DVD", the screen showed "Windows is loading files" and the progress bar filled up, then the "Starting Windows" graphic came up with the flying colored balls, then the flying windows. Then there it sat for about 8 hours until I powered it down. I reran the hardware checker from the pre-boot menu and everything checked out. Does anyone have any idea what the cause and corrective action is?

Thanks in advance- Mark
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  1. Try another Disk or may be make USB boot able from the disk you and try again.
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    It may be possible that your Drive is not working properly. You can also try to Load your Windows through a USB or just make your settings default.
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