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Hi. I have an Olevia 537-b11. I do not have cable. A few months ago I was able to auto channel search and get a couple of basic channels. I can no longer auto channel search on cable or air. I have the tv connected to the old cable wire that we had when we paid for cable. Did the cable company do something so it no longer works? Should I buy an antenna? Or is there something wrong with the tv. I noticed that in the auto channel search options under the cable search, the options are now standard, hrc, irc, and auto where as before it only had standard and auto. None of these options work. I don't know how the tv would have updated itself though. When I choose Air under auto channel search, it does not work either. Looking forward to your advise. Thanks.
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    Often the cable company does not actually kill the signal to the house, only turns off most service, so at times you can just plug in a TV directly to the cable and get the channels that the TV can tune. Your signal could have been totally cut. To get over the air TV you need an antenna. Best way is to mount the antenna outside somewhere, you will have alot better reception.
  2. Thank you...I'm thinking it is the tv. We tried connecting it to 3 other cable outlets through out the house and it did not receive anything. But we have another tv that works on all of the's just strange because the Olevia tv was working months ago and now it will only work if we buy cable and hook up their box. I will try an antenna. Thank you again.
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