HP DV7 Laptop slow from 100% CPU

Within 5 minutes of starting Windows 7 in normal mode, the CPU goes up 100% rendering it slow for any use.
1. I have tried clean installs of Windows 7 twice. But same problem persists.
2. When started in Safe mode, the system works, but many features are unavailable in safe mode. Also, it heats up significantly in safe mode, leading to abrupt shutdown of laptop. But CPU doesnt go up 100% in safe mode.
3. I have tried a new hard disk and clean install of Win 7, but same issues.

Can you please suggest what could be wrong here.
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  1. How many 'start up' programs are running??

    What anti-virus do you use??

    How long does it stay at 100% for??
  2. Since it is a clean install, no additional software other than windows itself have been installed.
    Using no antivirus
    It stays 100% forever, no matter what I do, it stays 100%. I have tried stopping running windows services one by one but it doesnt help.
  3. I am suspecting that it could be either a motherboard or ATI graphics card issue. It could also be the fan which is not able to cool the system down properly. In your experience, do these things bring up the CPU to 100%? 100% CPU and unworkable slow windows generally seems to be a software issue at the first glance. I want to ask if it could be a hardware issue?
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    You might want to try the following to troubleshoot to if it is a hardware problem or software problem.
    1) run chdsk on your harddrive to see if you have any bad sectors
    2) try degfraging your harddrive
    3) check to see in your task monitor if you are using alot of ram or cpu cycles
    4) if using a lot of ram try uninstalling some of your unused software
    You can try some software fix some of these problem if you dont want to do it manually. Checkout
  5. I'm having exactly the same problem with a Pavilion Dv7. It takes 10 or 12 seconds just to open Control Panel and nothing else is installed or running, just a virgin Win 7 Ult.

    Under Task Manager > Performance, all appears normal 850 meg memory and 1% CPU being used - but under the Resource Monitor Disk I/O is at 100% most of the time and CPU use is over 50% - when the machine is doing nothing.

    HP support had the owner remove the battery and then hold the Off/On button down for 45 seconds - that appeared to fix the problem but it returned the next day.

    Did you manage to find a solution?

    Thanks - rev
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