Fraps slower than before?

Before I bought my Geforce 210, my computer recorded with FRAPS and other screen recorders just fine with my Geforce 6200 LE with rarely any frames dropping but with the Geforce 210, it seems to have suddenly dropped to around 10-15 FPS.

I tried to reinstall my graphics drivers and that worked which got the recording back to a steady FPS of 60 FPS in but everytime I shut my computer down and start it back up, the frames drop again and I had to reinstall my drivers again to get a steady frame rate again. Is there any way to fix this without having to spend a fortune on new parts?
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    you could try a clean install of the drivers using driver fusion.

    uninstall the current driver and dont restart.
    run driver fusion nvidia driver cleaner and restart.
    install latest driver for your card.
  2. I've tried it but I still get the same results as before.
  3. are you using higher graphics settings with the new card as this will also effect performance with fraps.
  4. reinstall windows perhaps. maybe your hard drive has a fault and its corrupting your drivers?
  5. what antivirus are you using by the way?
  6. Reinstalling windows will be somewhat time consuming and I can't find the disk. Plus I'm using Avira for my antivirus
  7. uninstall avira and see if it makes a difference, it could have become corrupt in an update causing system performance to tank.
  8. I'll try that but I've also been wondering. Would it be an issue with the RAM? I only have 2GB in there and my 6200 only took up 256MB but this GeForce 210 takes up about 1GB so would I have to change the RAM at all if it affects performance?
  9. you might want to get more ram, that 1GB is the ram the graphics card has of its own it does not use system memory.
  10. I've figured out what the issue is. I've looked at my CPU Usage on Task manager when my computer starts and it's at about 50-100% because of something called Win32.exe..apparently it causes some problems. I ended the process and it works again with the FPS at max...but is there a way to permanently get rid of win32.exe?
  11. a quick google search revealed that it may be a virus/malware. Its always a good idea to run other anti-virus programs, eg i use spybot and malwarebytes occasionaly to run a scan, they pick up different things to standard antivirus programs, and different things compared to eachother. Both are free.
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