can detect radeon hd 5830 but no image comes up win 7 64bit

Hiya guys,
Wondering if you can help me

I can detect now and again my radeon hd 5830 but there is no display

i have installed all drivers used the sweeper to remove old 5450 drivers even though my screen goes black and then i cant see a thing, but on the other monitor attached to the 5830 a white screen comes up when uninstalling.

my computer refuses too boot when the hd 5830 is plugged in the 1st x16 port but is fine as secondary card

Please help i just cant get a picture on the this onr boot up as 1st card
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  1. I got a 600w PSU, on win 7 x64, gigabyte ga-h61ma-d2v mobo, installed all latest drivers
  2. remove all the ati driver you could find with your old card on in the first slot the shut system put the new one in and restart to see if it will be detect before the install of the new driver for her .
  3. thanks for the reply :) i tried it but the computer wont boot with the hd 5830 in 1st slot even after removing drivers :'(
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    i found why she wont work in the first slot and work in the second see your motherboard specs the 1 pci-e slot is a 3.0 and the second work at 2.0 your card is a 2.1 version so she could not work in the 3.0 slot . the card and the motherboard
  5. oh i see thanks for that.. thats an interesting one so no wonder it only shows as a secondary is there a way i can get it working as primary..If its not compatible no wonder i can't get anywhere lol
  6. i've been reading that the 2.0 can go in a 3.0 so is that not true for 2.1?
  7. i seen this also on another forum check your bios if it is set pci-e first and that it detect her as 1 card in the 3.0 slot maybe you need some driver for the motherboard or there is a bios update that will do it ,thry say it should work on that forum so recheck all the settings .
  8. well i updated the bios had a few issues but got there in the end..and still no joy of using it in the 3.0 slot, all my motherboard and chipset drivers are up to date too..where do i check in the bios the pci-e slot is chosen?
  9. checked the bios pci-e is on automatic and my bios is the newest version, now i have the newest version.. the graphics card still dosnt boot as primary and as secondary, the screen goes black after windows has booted with the old graphics card ,and then the power dies after 2 mins of having black screen
  10. list all the parts of your system also did you try a memtest with your memory .use this to read if there is any minidump files in the system and i you have boot and video in the second pci-e slot i would use this way to test this other one if you use the sensor parts will give the voltage reding in the system from the psu the free one .
  11. they are great links thanks..i had a good nose about my computer with that program.. saw the voltage was good and everything was running smooth until the card was being used I tested it in a friends partners pc who had the same graphics card and found out it was a duff card..DOne exactly the same like it was shorting out..thanks for all your help you've been the best and im sure you have just saved someones butt reading your answers..thanks
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