im probably going to be building a new pc soon, will this make my pc anti-static and grounded so it won't get damaged?

ok i heard that if you don't constantly touch an unpainted metal part of your case or wear an antistatic wrist strap attached to a unpainted metal part of your case you'll have static in you and could damage the components of your computer. so i bought an anti-static wrist strap and i use that now on my acer computer which is completely unpainted. im gonna build a custom computer soon hopefully with a painted case, but since anti static wrist straps only work on unpainted metal, i don't think i can use them.

i was wondering, can i use this anti-static mat: and just put my computer on top of it, put the wrist band on and then connect the plug to the wall with the switch switched off? will that work with painted computer case? if it won't can you please tell me what will? also if you could try to explain it well and keep it simple, i've been through so many threads about anti-static and no normal human being would really have any idea what the heck the people are trying to explain in the comments...

also, is there anything else i should watch out for when building a pc?

i currently know:
-anti-static is important
-always buy an expensive psu unless you want your computer to die (which my friend seemed to confirm; his psu = £30, and his broke, but my psu was about £80 and it's fine)
-have enough fans to cool your computer
-keep your computer away from dust
-get a case with good cable management so you can hide the cables for a better look, and better cooling

is there anything else i should know before building my first computer?

sorry about asking SO MANY questions, i'm just kind of worried and want a good quality reliable computer!

thanks for reading all of this!!!!!! :)
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  1. Connect PSU to power and JUST GROUND Yourself BY TOUCHING IT with BOTH Hands!!!
  2. u_gonna_squeal_b4_we_cookya said:
    That kit is kind of expensive especially since you are only going to be using it once. It is meant more for professional electronics repair shops that work on dozens of sensitive electronics equipment every day. For you, just get a wrist band for peace of mind and don't work on a metal table. Also, don't drag your socks across the carpet then touch your CPU or RAM. lol (not kidding, though). A piece of cardboard would work just as well as that pad.

    but i thought that the anti-static wrist bands only work on unpainted metal. sorry im just really paranoid!
  3. 1) As u_gonna_squeal_b4_we_cookya stated "Put metal screw into any hole and attach alligator clip to it. NOTE PSU should be installed, plugged in and Rocker switch OFF.
    2) What I normally do is:
    .. Use a Power strip (surge protector), with power strip off Plug into wall outlet.
    .. Install P)SU in case, Plug in to power strip (added safety factor you can turn PSU rocker SW off.
    .. Pull alligator clip off of Strap, should then have a Bannana plug.
    .. Insert Bannana plug in ROUND AC outlet on power strip
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