is this monitor good for gaming? LG IPS237L

hello i am going to buy a screen wich i will mostly use for gaming, and watching movies
(I Mostly play mmos and rpgs)
After looking on the internet i found the LG IPS237L will this screen suit my needs? will i be able to game and watch movies on this screen without any problem? i am also a bit authistic so good colours and good sharpness are very importend to me,so will this screen suit my needs?
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  1. I also have an LG IPS 23" monitor (different model number though). It's great for gaming. That one should do just fine.
  2. so i wont mention any ghosting? becose thats something i am realy afraid of
    and also what screen model do you have?
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    I dont have any problems with ghosting.

    Mine is LG 23EA63, here is a link:
  4. thx i will just order it then
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