How to move the 100MB system partition from the wrong drive?

I have a 120GB SSD as my OS drive (Win 7) and a 3TB drive for all my files. When I first built the computer, I wasn't aware I needed to convert it to a GPT disk to utilize all 3TB, and by the time I figured it out I had already put the majority of my files and installed a bunch of programs on the 2TB partition that MBR allows. Lazily, I decided 2TB was enough for now, and eventually when I needed the space I could transfer everything to an external disc, reconfigure the drive and plop it all back on without too much trouble. Well the time has come, and it seems good ol' Windows has decided to make it a lot harder than it should be by placing the 100MB boot partition on my 3TB mechanical drive, instead of the SSD I installed the OS on. While I'm sure there's something I did wrong when setting it up to cause this sort of dumb-assery, I really don't care anymore, and I just want that damn partition on the SSD so I can configure the 3TB drive as a GPT disk, which it won't let me do unless all partitions on the drive have been deleted. Is there a way to move the boot partition without doing a complete reinstall? Thanks in advance.
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    Could try disconnecting hdd, booting to windows cd, and doing a repair. Short of that is a reinstall. Never have a drive besides the boot drive connected when installing windows.
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